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Pastor & Pastor's Wife

Pastor V. K. Jones: Life Portrait

A Glimpse Into The Life and Ministry of Pastor V. K. Jones, D.Min.

On November 2, 2010, God made known His choice to be the next leader of the historic People's Missionary Baptist Church of Bakersfield, California. Little was known about the man born in 1962 as the 4th child of Russell and Shirley Jones, but he has already made himself known in The People's Church as well as the Bakersfield community. Born Vincent Karl Jones, the man we now know as Dr. V. K. Jones has already shown through dynamic preaching, teaching, leading and loving that he is truly God's choice to lead The People's Missionary Baptist church both now and in the future.

Pastor Jones's presence has made a difference across the length and breadth of The People's Church. The building has undergone a needed facelift to enhance the beauty of the facilities. But the enhancements and growth of the ministry has gone far beyond making the building look better. Pastor is also working to make the people better. Bible Class attendance has soared on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and Sunday Morning Worship is an experience that is blessing those who are saved and is a calling from darkness for those who are not. Pastor Jones is a dynamic doctrinally sound preacher/teacher who at the same time makes it so practical that no one can miss the truth of the Word of God.

Pastor Jones has proven to be a skillful administrator and innovative thinker. He is already working to make the ministry more inclusive of all who are willing to follow the Vision that God has given to His leader. He has a heart for men and truly believes that the God given place for men is as the leaders of the church and their own homes. He has instituted his SOS (Save Our Sons) Ministry to work with young men in the church and in the community to guide them and help them grow and mature into godly young men. Pastor Jones is working to bring the church into the 21st century with technology and business practices and has a Vision of a Church that does all it can in every arena of life to bless the people of God.

Dr. Jones has also worked to develop strong ties to the community through his association with the City of Bakersfield. He has reached out to the District Attorney and to the Police Chief in an attempt to form a strong coalition that will benefit the neighborhood surrounding the church and the People's Church congregation.

Dr. Jones is a LIFE member of the award-winning Garland NAACP and a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated. Dr. Jones currently serves as Vice-president of V&B Ministries, after serving as President for ten years, which he organized jointly with current President Dr. B. L. Bell of New Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. He is a regular student and one time teacher in the WHW Ministries Expository Preaching and Teaching Conference, Los Angeles, California, and currently teaches annually at the Frank Ray Expository Teaching and Church Growth Conference, Memphis, Tennessee.

Dr. Jones serves as the Dean of the Congress on Christian Education and the President of the Ministers' Conference for the California Missionary Baptist State Convention.

During the first year of Pastor Jones's leadership he instituted Motivating Monday Family Night Bible Class, 5th Monday Family Fun Night, and started compiling Sunday School lesson books for all ages. He has continued to remodel and upgrade our facilities, including our Fellowship Hall and our new Administrative Suite. Pastor Jones dedicated the Fellowship Hall to the memory of The People's Church first pastor, Dr. Ishmael Kimbrough, Jr., and his wife, Shirley Kimbrough.

As a part of Pastor Jones’ technology initiative, the church has full internet services throughout the building and services are displayed on the big screen in the sanctuary.

Pastor Jones also established the People's Academic Academy for all students ages kindergarten through high school. The Academy is designed to help students excel in their academic pursuits and works with them in their area of need.

In October 2005 Dr. Jones received is Doctor of Ministry Degree from Faith Seminary in Tacoma, Washington. He is the devoted husband of more than 30 years to Donna Jones and they have two daughters, TaNequa and Shundria.

Pastor’s Wife, Sis. Donna Jones

Being a Pastor's wife is one of the most difficult and yet most rewarding callings that a woman can have on her life. Many struggle with the task but Sis. Donna Jones has excelled in her God-given role. For those of you who don't know her, meet Sis. Donna M. Jones, wife of our Pastor/Leader, Dr. V. K. Jones.

Sis. Jones was born on January 10th as the oldest of four children. Her parents are Tommy Washington, Jr., and Margie Childers. She attended Terrell High School where she graduated in the class of 1983. She attended Texas Tech University and in 1985 married her High School Sweetheart. Little did she know that God had a special calling on his life that would lead her to some places all over the world as she supports and enhances his ministry and his life.

"Sis. Jones", as she prefers to be called, indeed works to be a sister in Christ to the other women of the church and she especially loves to work with the young women and the youth to help them become the kind of women they should be to glorify God. As the Director of Youth for Shiloh Baptist Church in Garland, Texas, she worked with Pastor Jones to take the Shiloh youth department from just a handful of children to a bursting at the seams 100 plus boys and girls prior to them coming to Bakersfield.

Despite her unconditional devotion to her family, Sis. Jones has some favorite leisure activities. She likes hanging with her husband, SHOPPING, working and talking to young people, and is an avid walker. She has walked the Susan G. Komen Walk-a-thon on a regular basis and regularly records thousands of steps a day in her quest to remain youthful and gorgeous. Sis. Jones worked as a P. E. coach in Texas but has a long term goal of becoming a Drug and Alcohol Counselor.

Since coming to the People's Baptist Church, Sis. Jones has continued her role of working with the youth of the church. She now serves as the Youth Ministry leader. She also teaches the Beginners' Class Sunday School and Bible Class and assists with the People's Academic Academy. Sis. Jones was recently appointed as the Financial Secretary for the Ministers Wives and Widows Auxiliary of the California Missionary Baptist State Convention. Sis. Jones received a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Leadership in 2014 from Faith Seminary in Tacoma, Washington.

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