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The P.M.B.C. Church History

The People’s Baptist Church was organized in January 1971 by 66 charter members. The members had left Mt. Zion Baptist Church after some internal conflicts. The new church family immediately called Rev. Ishmael Kimbrough, Jr., to be their Pastor. Rev. Kimbrough became a widely respected leader and preacher. He presented many revivals and workshops around the country, especially in the areas of “Relationships”, including “Pastor and Pew Relationship”. He served our church for 39 years, until his passing in June 2010.

During Pastor Kimbrough’s tenure the church added over 1500 members, purchased 3.2 acres of land, built two buildings, established more than 25 ministries, and treated over 300 men and women at the Christian Help Center, our drug and alcohol recovery ministry. The ministries that he instituted include Sick Visitation, Prison Ministry, Hospitality, Disciplers, United Sisterhood, Brotherhood, and many more. 

Pastor Kimbrough led our church to become a vital part of the local community. We developed close associations with the District Attorney’s office, the Police Department, the Sheriff’s Department, and the local school systems. Pastor Kimbrough led by example by serving on the Kern County Grand Jury. We participated in meetings which led to establishment of a county “Human Rights Commission” and the formation of racial sensitivity training for local law enforcement officers. Pastor Kimbrough also organized and facilitated several workshops to help establish better communication between our community and law enforcement.

On November 2, 2010, God made known His choice to be the next leader of the historic People's Missionary Baptist Church of Bakersfield, California. Little was known about the man born in 1962 as the 4th child of Russell and Shirley Jones, but he has made himself known in The People's Church as well as the Bakersfield community. Dr. V. K. Jones has shown through dynamic preaching, teaching, leading and loving that he is truly God's choice to lead The People's Missionary Baptist church both now and in the future.

Pastor Jones's presence has made a difference across the length and breadth of The People's Church. The building has undergone a needed facelift to enhance the beauty of the facilities. But the enhancements and growth of the ministry has gone far beyond making the building look better. Pastor is also working to make the people better. Bible Class attendance has soared on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and Sunday Morning Worship is an experience that is blessing those who are saved and is a calling from darkness for those who are not. Pastor Jones is a dynamic doctrinally sound preacher/teacher who at the same time makes it so practical that no one can miss the truth of the Word of God.

Pastor Jones has proven to be a skillful administrator and innovative thinker. He is already working to make the ministry more inclusive of all who are willing to follow the Vision that God has given to His leader. He has a heart for men and truly believes that the God given place for men is as the leaders of the church and their own homes. He has instituted his SOS (Save Our Sons) Ministry to work with young men in the church and in the community to guide them and help them grow and mature into godly young men. Pastor Jones is working to bring the church into the 21st century with technology and business practices and has a Vision of a Church that does all it can in every arena of life to bless the people of God. 



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